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R - Statistical analysis of data


This course is meant to be a guide for those who want to learn how to use the R software: a step-by-step approach will be used to guide students from the most basic operations with R to some advanced concepts. The course will be held in an interactive way: students will be asked to actively use R from the very beginning. Knowledge of other programming languages is helpful, but not required to attend the course.


1.1 I Introduction
Installation and administration
Managing datasets; importing and exporting data
Understanding R objects and learning how to manipulate them
Types of variables in R
1.2 II Plotting in R
Understanding the Pen on paper way of plotting
Basic plots (dotplots, boxplot, histograms, etc. . . ): tips & triks
Manipulation of plot parameters
Exporting plots (caveats and workarounds)
1.3 III Exploratory Data Analysis
Graphical techniques to explore datasets and choose the most appropriate
statistical analyses.
1.4 IV Models in R
Understanding model formulas
Testing of assumptions and interpretation of results of the following
One- and Two-Samples tests
Analysis of Variance
1.5 V Programming in R
How to Write your own scripts
Common pitfalls in R programming and Good Coding Practices
Computing on the language and Object Oriented Programming tech-
1.6 VI Some advanced topics (optional)
Trellis and ggplot2 plots
Spatial data in R

Il corso verrà tenuto in lingua inglese


Utenti che intendano acquisire le competenze di base nell'utilizzo del software statistico R


24 ore


40.00 €

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